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Who is it for


The ARA is there to support re-enactors to enjoy their hobby whether you are:

  • a veteran re-enactor
  • a member of a well established or long running re-enactment group
  • new to re-enacting or 
  • are doing reenacting with a number of different groups


The ARA offers members, event organisers and the public, advice and guidance on such things as performance and display safety and the reasonable presentation of historical accuracy in recreational re-enactment activities.


Public liability protection


The ARA provides services such as public liability insurance for a wide range of re-enactment activities to help support independent groups and individuals to pursue their unique re-enactment interests in the manner that best suits each individual and group.





The ARA also acts to represent members’ interests in areas such as legislation that affects re-enactment activities.

Australian Re-enactors Association Inc
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ARA Groups and Member Affiliate Groups


ARA Groups (ARAGs)

ARAG is a term used within the ARA to describe a formal group of exclusively ARA Members who participate in re-enactment activities and enjoy their hobby together.

ARAGs are listed, by name, on the ARA PL policy schedule so ARAGs are covered by the ARA's PL Insurance.

Membership in ARAGs is exclusively for ARA Members only making the ARAG an informal subgroup of the ARA.

ARAGs objectives must be compatible with the objectives of the ARA and ARAGs are expected by their actions to uphold the objectives of the ARA.

ARAGs are accountable for the conduct of their members in compliance with the ARA Code of Conduct.

ARAGs are required to pay the Annual ARAG fee to the ARA.

ARAGs must provide the ARA with a list of the names and ARA Members numbers of the ARA Members in the ARAG.

ARAGs share the ARA PL policy by being listed by name on the ARA PL Policy Schedule.


If you would like more information about ARAGs please read the ARA Groups Guide on the Documents Page. 

If your group would like to become an ARAG please complete the Online ARAG Application Form


Member Affiliate Groups (MAGs)

The ARA is made up of individuals who may affiliate with others in groups. The ARA refers to these groups as Member Affiliate Groups (MAGs) and while the ARA may work closely to support these groups,  they have no constitutional relationship with ARA.

This is a list of some (but not all) of the groups that ARA members enjoy their hobby with.

Please have a look at each group and see if there is one that you would like to enjoy re-enacting with. Everyone is friendly and supportive of new members and would be pleased to make you feel welcome.


Adding your MAG

If your MAG is not listed and you would like to add your MAG to the directory please contact us with your MAG's details.

Black Grail Promotions (QLD)  
 Capricornia Medieval Guild (QLD)  Capricornia Medieval GuildCapricornia Medieval Guild  
Commemorative History Society Australia  Commemorative History Society Facebook Page
Commemorative History Society Facebook Page  

Company of Diverse Crafters (NSW)    
Creswick Lighthorse Troop (VIC)     

CQ Reenactors and Costuming Collective (QLD)  CQ Reenactors and Costuming CollectiveCQ Reenactors and Costuming Collective
Danelaw Medieval Fighting Society (NSW)  Danelaw WebsiteDanelaw Website  
IronGuard Medieval Living History Society  
Medieval Combat and Culture (NSW)    
The Blue Company Historical Entertainers (SA)    
Uppsala Medieval Society (NSW)    



Vanguard Re-enactment Guild Inc (NSW)

 Wayfarers of Midgard (TAS)  
Wiglund Wyrd (NSW)