Is membership for you?


Who is it for


The ARA is there to support re-enactors to enjoy their hobby whether you are:

  • a veteran re-enactor
  • a member of a well established or long running re-enactment group
  • new to re-enacting or 
  • are doing reenacting with a number of different groups


The ARA offers members, event organisers and the public, advice and guidance on such things as performance and display safety and the reasonable presentation of historical accuracy in recreational re-enactment activities.


Public liability protection


The ARA provides services such as public liability insurance for a wide range of re-enactment activities to help support independent groups and individuals to pursue their unique re-enactment interests in the manner that best suits each individual and group.





The ARA also acts to represent members’ interests in areas such as legislation that affects re-enactment activities.

Australian Re-enactors Association Inc
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Calendar of Re-enactment events


The calendar below contains important dates for ARA Members as well as events that ARA Members or their Member Affiliate Groups (MAGs) are hosting.

Please have a look for any events that you might be interested in attending to share your re-enactment hobby with others.


Adding your Event

ARA Members are encouraged to add events that they, or their MAGs, are hosting.

If you would like to add an event to the calendar, please send us an e-mail with the event details below